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Australian Rotary Health Award

Dr Amanda Gamble, Assoc Prof Delwyn Bartlett, Prof Ron Grunstein, Mr Phil Lacey


On the 3rd August 2010 the Vice Chairman of Board of Directors, Australian Rotary Health, Phil Lacey presented a plaque for the Mental Health of Young Australians Pilot Study Award to CIRUS researchers Prof Ron Grunstein, Assoc Prof Delwyn Bartlett and Dr Amanda Gamble for their work on the research study - A group-based cognitive-behavioural intervention to treat sleep disorders that negatively impact mood, daily functioning and externalising behaviour in adolescents.

Photo at right: L to R Dr Amanda Gamble, Assoc Prof Delwyn Bartlett, Prof Ron Grunstein, Mr Phil Lacey

Can longer sleep at the weekend prevent diabetes?


Latest sleep research at world-class Australian centre on ABC’s Catalyst on 19th August at 8pm

Researchers from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and the University of Sydney’s Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS) have been exploring the link between reduced sleep duration during the working week and the subsequent risk of developing of diabetes.

Associate Professor Peter Liu said "Recent research suggests a link exists between the duration and quality of sleep and the subsequent risk of developing diabetes. The pace of life in 2010 means many people get far less sleep than they require during the conventional working week."

"Many people rely on the weekends to catch up on their sleep but we don’t know whether this "catch-up sleep" is adequate to counteract the potential metabolic risks associated with reduced sleep during the week." he said.

The latest research on how our modern sleep-loss lifestyle contributes to long term metabolic poor health is underway at the Institute’s brand new, state of the art sleep laboratory facility and will be featured on ABC1’s Catalyst programme on 19th August at 8pm.

Go to the ABC's Catalyst website for more information.