News – November 2011

CIRUS Seed Funding for Projects in 2012 Announced


The Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS) is very pleased to announce that 5 new and exciting sleep research projects have been successfully awarded funding for 2012. Congratulations to all researchers involved in the following projects:

  1. Sleep Analysis Tools and Training (Peter Robinson) $6,101
  2. Endocrine and Metabolic Effects of NSAID Therapy on Overweight Hypogonadal Men with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (The INFLATE Study) (Camilla Hoyos) $27,000
  3. A Behavioural Therapy Sleep Intervention to Treat Insomnia Symptoms in Rural NSW: A Pilot Study in Stepped Care by Nurse Practitioners (Delwyn Bartlett) $15,353
  4. Sleep Restriction Therapy for Chronic Insomnia Disorder: Physiological, Cognitive and Objective Sleep Alterations After Six Weeks of Therapy Intervention - A Pilot Study (Chris Miller) $23,184
  5. The Prevalence of Objective Sleep Disturbance and its Associations with BMI and Metabolic Syndrome in Sri Lanka (Nick Glozier) $12,703