CIRUS News & Events - December


CIRUS Seed Funding for Projects in 2013 Announced

The Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep (CIRUS) is very pleased to announce that 8 novel and important sleep research projects have been successfully awarded funding for 2013. Congratulations to all researchers involved in the following projects:

  • The role of sleep and circadian phase on crew safety, performance and psychological health during long-term analog space missions (Principal Investigator/s – Tracey Sletten and Shantha Rajaratnam) $11,375
  • Development and evaluation of a health service model for CPAP services in community pharmacies (Bandana Saini) $6,450
  • Evoked Response Potential (ERP) Analysis Tools: A pilot study with obstructive sleep apnea patients (Jong Won Kim and Andrew Vakulin) $5,070
  • Detecting pre-motor Parkinson’s Disease (Ron Grunstein) $24,500
  • Resetting the clock to improve mood; the importance of sleep phase realignment and the antidepressant effects of phototherapy in non-seasonal depression (Nick Glozier) $23,750
  • Ethnic and gender comparison of anatomical risk factors (craniofacial morphology and obesity) for obstructive sleep apnoea (Kate Sutherland and Peter Cistulli) $29,240
  • Sleep, Lifestyle, Energy, Eating, Exercise Program for the management of sleep apnea patients indicated for weight loss treatment: A randomised controlled pilot study (Ron Grunstein) $24,000
  • Sleep Analysis Tools and Training: SleepSim Mk III (Svetlana Postnova) $5,120

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Who, and what, are we sleeping with?

It's been two years since ABC Science ran its first citizen science project - the 2010 Big Sleep Survey, in collaboration with CIRUS. Now the first scientific results are in. Read more…

CIRUS Investigator promoted to Professor of Psychological Medicine at The University of Sydney

Congratulations to CIRUS Investigator Nick Glozier who was recently promoted to Professor of Psychological Medicine at Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney in recognition of his outstanding academic and research achievements. Professor Glozier’s research interests include mental illness and its comorbidity with sleep and physical disorders, public health, epidemiology and trials, disability, particularly work related, stigma and discrimination. He is a consultant psychiatrist and epidemiologist. To read more about Professor Glozier click here

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Special Lecture - Public Health Implications of Sleep Disturbances across Different Populations Worldwide

International guest speaker, Dr Saverio Stranges, Associate Clinical Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology in the Division of Health Sciences at University of Warwick in the UK will present at the CIRUS seminar series in December.

Presentation Title: Sleep Problems: Risk Factor or Risk Marker for Chronic Disease?
Date and Time: Tuesday 11th of December at 8.45 am
Venue: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, 5th Floor Theatre 1

Click here to read more

Beat Insomnia for Good

Poor sleep contributes to low energy, mood swings, loss of work productivity and is even reported to decrease your IQ! Professor Colin Espie from the University of Glasgow Sleep Centre outlines the importance of three steps in ensuring a good night sleep... read more

Professor Peter Robinson receives NSW Science & Engineering award for Emerging Research

CIRUS investigator Professor Peter Robinson received a trophy and $5000 in the NSW Science and Engineering Awards for his achievement in Emerging Research, one of eight categories for 2012. The NSW Science and Engineering Awards is a prestigious award for cutting edge work that generates economic, health, environmental or technological benefits for NSW. The emerging research award is granted to individuals on the basis of excellence, impact and for a significant breakthrough in emerging research from within New South more.

2013 Young Andrologist of the Year

Associate Professor Peter Liu was named 2013 Young Andrologist of the Year by the International Society of Andrology. This award recognises outstanding young investigators who have made significant contributions to Andrology. Associate Professor Peter Liu has been a part of the CIRUS team since 2007.

Politicians too Macho to go to Sleep?

It is quite common to hear of politicians telling stories of not sleeping for prolonged periods of time. Would you feel confident in the decisions made by a sleepy politician? Ron Grunstein, Professor of Sleep Medicine, outlines the effects of sleep deprivation which doesn’t just have consequences for normal citizens more

Boost Work Productivity by Sleeping on the Job

Leading expert in Sleep Medicine, Professor Ron Grunstein, outlines the benefits of naps at work and the responsibilities of the employer and employee in decreasing work accidents and increasing more