News – November 2012

Sleep at work boosts productivity

Professor Ron Grunstein, an expert of sleep medicine at the University of Sydney, says allowing workers to take a nap on the job can boost productivity but more importantly, it could prevent fatal accidents. Read more about this article.

Black Dog Lecture: Internet-based insomnia interventions to reduce depression and improve wellbeing

The 2012 Black Dog Lecture is being held 5.30pm on Wed 7th November. Our guest speaker is A/Prof Lee Ritterband who will be presenting his research on using the internet to treat insomnia. A/Prof Ritterband is collaborating with the Black Dog Institute on the NHMRC-funded “Good Night Study” that aims to use internet-based insomnia interventions to reduce depression and improve wellbeing.

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Research fellow awarded prestigious Swiss National Science Foundation Award

Dr Alessandra Coeytaux Jackson currently a visiting research fellow with CIRUS at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research working on sleep movement disorders projects (sleepwalking, night terrors, REM behaviour disorder) with the Brain and Mind Research Institute and the Australasian Sleep Trials Network has been awarded a prestigious SF85000 grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation to continue her work here. Alessandra is a neurologist from the University of Geneva.

CIRUS PhD Scholar awarded for her work on the role of pharmacists in the treatment of insomnia


CIRUS PhD scholar Joanne Fuller, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, wins Best Poster, 2nd Prize at the 24th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Sleep Association and the Australasian Sleep Technologists Association held in Darwin, 10th - 13th October, 2012. Joanne’s work is focused on the feasibility of pharmacist delivered behavioural interventions for insomnia and the potential role that community pharmacists can play in providing an early alternative treatment option for people with insomnia using the stepped care approach. Click here to read more