News – November 2013

Congratulations to the CIRUS researchers for their achievements and the awards they received at the ASA/ASTA 25th Annual Scientific Meeting.

New Investigator Award Winner: Julia Chapman (Woolcock / CIRUS) Title: “Modafinil Reduces Sleepiness in Mild-Moderate Sleep Apnea: A Randomised, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover Trial”, authors: Julia Chapman, Liora Kempler, Catherina Chang, Shaun Williams, Sheila Sivam, Keith Wong, Brendon Yee, Ron Grunstein, Nathaniel Marshall

New Investigator Award Finalist: Roo Killick (Woolcock / CIRUS) Title: “The effects of ‘catch-up’ sleep on insulin sensitivity in men with lifestyle driven, chronic, intermittent sleep restriction”, authors: Roo Killick, Camilla Hoyos, Kerri Melehan, George Dungan, Jonathon Poh, Peter Liu

President’s Award: Anthony Williams in recognition for his outstanding work with the Australasian Sleep Trials Network and his significant contribution to the newly funded CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity

Helen Bearpark Scholarship Recipient: Yu Sun Bin (BMRI / CIRUS) The Scholarship will be used to travel to the University of Chicago to work with Prof. Diane Lauderdale on a project on sleep and cognition in the elderly. Laboratory studies show that sleep is important for many aspects of memory and cognition but it is unclear if chronic sleep problems affect cognition over the long term. Sleep problems are especially common in the elderly and, given the ageing population, cognitive decline contributes to a growing public health burden. The aim of the project is to determine if sleep disturbances predict declines in cognitive function using data collected from a sample of older people living in the community and followed up over 6 years. If so, improving sleep and treating sleep problems may help protect against cognitive decline in older people.

Best Poster 3rd Prize: Zoe Terpening (BMRI / CIRUS) Title: "The ‘Sleep Well, Think Well’ program for older adults at risk of dementia: preliminary findings from a randomised, controlled trial", authors: Zoe Terpening, Delwyn Bartlett, Naismith SL.

Best Poster Finalists:

  • Angela D’Rozario (Woolcock / CIRUS) Title: “Validation of an automated algorithm to identify and reject artefact for quantitative EEG analysis during sleep in patients with sleep-disordered breathing”, authors: Angela D'Rozario, George Dungan, Siobhan Banks, Peter Liu, Keith Wong, Roo Killick, Ron Grunstein, Jong Won Kim
  • Carissa Hanes (Faculty of Pharmacy / CIRUS) Title: “Development of a patient care model for pharmacy-based CPAP providers: phase one”, authors: Carissa Hanes, Keith Wong, Bandana Saini
  • Kate Sutherland (RNSH / Woolcock / CIRUS) Title: Anatomical balance assessed by three-dimensional imaging in OSA patients with Mandibular Advancement Splint treatment”, authors: Kate Sutherland, Andrew Chan, Peter Cistulli