News – March 2014

Hope for Sleep Apnoea Sufferers

Approximately 50% of sleep apnoea sufferers can’t tolerate current treatment options. Since being overweight is a risk factor of obstructive sleep apnoea, CIRUS Researchers at the Woolcock Institute of Medical research are investigating a new treatment option focusing on weight loss. The study involves following a diet and exercise support program and taking a medication called Armodafinil that reduces daytime sleepiness. Dr Nathanial Marshall states on 7 News that the research team is exploring whether a reduction of weight reduces the severity of obstructive sleep apnoea and improves driving performance. See our story on Channel 7 News by clicking here. If you are interested in contributing to this study you can contact Julia Chapman on (02) 9114 0449,

How to get better sleep

Did you know that 1.5 million Australians suffer from sleep disorders with 1 in 3 experiencing insomnia during a period in their life? Delwyn Bartlett, a specialist in insomnia and CIRUS researcher from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research discusses the science behind sleep, insomnia, sleep apnoea and how to get good quality sleep on Channel 7’s Morning show. Click here to watch.