News – September 2014

Welcome to Nights of Refreshing Sleep: The CPAP Book

The CPAP Book has been written to help people suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea keep safe while they sleep. It is an easy-to-read collection of clinical and tried and tested anecdotal knowledge derived from over 30 years of experience emanating from the 'birthplace' of CPAP care - Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPA), Sydney. The CPAP Book is beneficial for new and long term CPAP users, families of CPAP users as well as CPAP Clinician's - those individuals entrusted to care for people using CPAP.
The CPAP Book has been made possible through funding provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Centre for Integrated Research and Understanding of Sleep, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research and University of Sydney. Purchase the CPAP Book