Research Stream 4 – Sleep biomarkers

Aim: Use novel approaches and biomarkers to characterise risk factors for adverse consequences of poor sleep health

Understanding the inter-individual variability in susceptibility to sleep disorders as well as response to therapy (e.g. to customise best pharmacotherapy) requires new biomarkers of sleep health. This ambitious stream of projects utilises an interdisciplinary approach featuring: (1) mathematical modeling of the sleep-wake cycle e.g. to predict susceptibility to fall-asleep episodes and to inform the optimal timing of pharmacotherapy or attempts to sleep to recover from “jet lag”; (2) gene discovery; and (3) novel phenotyping.

Projects within this stream of CIRUS research which are planned or currently running include:

  1. Exploring phenotypical markers for predicting sleep disorders
  2. Examining the role of face structure and anatomy in predicting sleep apnea
  3. Investigating the role of hormones and changing hormone levels in sleep
  4. Analysing the relationship between self reported insomnia and sleep apnea using neurological and psychological assessments
  5. Explore the role of ethnic differences in insomnia and sleep apnea