Research - Introduction

The research direction of CIRUS reflects the growth of interdisciplinary sleep collaboration. The over-arching research objectives of CIRUS are to:

  • focus on research to improve sleep health outcomes
  • translate key outcomes of CIRUS research to clinical practice and policy
  • develop and extend research skills in clinical trials (small and large multi-centre), biostatistics, population health and novel data analysis related to sleep health

An advisory board, comprising representatives from community based groups who offer support to those with sleep disorders, provide the executive committee with a non-research biased focus.

There are 4 key research streams which aim to:

  1. Reduce the cardio-metabolic impact of poor sleep
  2. Improve neurobehavioural performance in individuals with sleep loss
  3. Increase effectiveness of treatments for sleep disorders (developing new integrated behavioural strategies to achieve 1 and 2)
  4. Use novel approaches and biomarkers to characterise the determinants of, and individual susceptibility for adverse consequences of insufficient or disordered sleep

These 4 research streams will share a common focus on understanding the reasons for inter-individual variability and its influence on health.

Research stream chart