Research Stream 2 – Neurobehaviour and sleep

Aim: Improve neurobehavioural performance in individuals with sleep loss

Sleep loss due to sleep disorders or voluntary chronic intermittent sleep restriction has a global impact on work and road safety, disability and productivity. The challenges of this stream of CIRUS research are to determine ways to estimate the 'risk' of adverse outcomes in people with sleep health problems and to investigate ways in which this risk may be minimised.

Projects within this stream of CIRUS research which are planned or currently running include:

  1. Testing wakefulness promoters in preventing driving accidents
  2. Testing wakefulness promoters in improving rehabilitation outcomes after stroke
  3. Uncovering sleep and neurological factors involved in trauma
  4. Changing circadian rhythms and the effect on sleep apnea
  5. Assessing risk of seizures with sleep deprivation
  6. Effect of insomnia treatment on co-existing depression
  7. Effect of OSA treatment on co-existing depression