Research Stream 3 – Treatments

Aim: Increase effectiveness of treatments for sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are not well recognised in the community and access to diagnostic services are restricted particularly in rural Australia. Novel ways to recognise and diagnose sleep disorders and improve the effectiveness of treatments are urgently needed and have immediate research translation implications. In addition, current treatments for many sleep disorders are suboptimal. Even where treatments are efficacious (e.g. continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) used for sleep apnea), effectiveness is limited by poor compliance. In contrast, other treatments (e.g. oral appliances for sleep apnea) may have lower efficacy but are more acceptable by people with sleep apnea. Insomnia management is equally limited, complex and poorly delivered in most settings.

Projects within this stream of CIRUS research which are planned or currently running include:

  1. Simplified methods to diagnose sleep disorders
  2. Improving adherence to the treatment of sleep disorders
  3. Optimal ways to deliver treatment
  4. Training health care professionals to manage sleep disorders (GPs, pharmacists)
  5. Identifying and developing strategies to improve public perception about sleep disorders