Discipline-specific courses

CIRUS investigators from various schools at the University of Sydney are also involved in ensuring inclusion of sleep health education in their own disciplines.

Sleep Health in Pharmacy

Within the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Sydney, Sleep Health Workshops for final year undergraduate students (B.Pharm) were designed and implemented in 2009, and after receiving positive feedback, continue to be part of the program.

These workshops consist of 3 hours sessions that occur in Semester 2 (Spring Semester). These workshops are available in a subject named "Pharmacotherapeutics in Practice".

The key target areas in these workshops are:

  • general sleep health
  • insomnia
  • parasomnias
  • restless legs syndrome
  • circadian rhythm disorders

Students are divided into several groups and each group is given a template of activities to complete. Students get 1.5 hours to research, read resources provided, discuss with tutors and complete the template. They then present their learning to the whole group at the end of the workshop. This becomes an efficient way of covering several key topics. The template activities include case studies relevant to pharmacy practice, quizzes and games.

Students in various groups also complete questionnaires and describe the summarised outcomes to the rest of their group. This creates an awareness of possible instruments that can be used in the pharmacy setting to gauge sleep health.