Seminars, workshops and courses

Sleep health education for health professionals is another key activity of CIRUS.


Regular weekly seminars are held on site (Woolcock Institute). These seminars aim to disseminate current activities and research findings of CIRUS team members, their collaborators, or other invited experts and speakers.


CIRUS hosts workshops aimed at health professionals. Recently, for example, a well attended GP Continuing Education Evening to discuss issues in the management of insomnia was hosted by CIRUS. CIRUS investigators are also involved in developing specialised training for practitioners that may be participating in translational research. For example, training for GPs and pharmacists on sleep health has been organised for several projects currently being conducted by CIRUS investigators.

Past workshops:

The Woolcock GP Sleep Symposium: “Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sleep Health”
March 16 & 17, 2013

GP Sleep Symposium: “Deprivation, Festination and Ideation - Sleep, the Brain, Mental Health and Insomnia”
22 June, 2013
RACGP QI & CPD Accredited 40 Cat1 POINTS (TBC)


CIRUS investigators are also involved in training and education delivered at formal courses:

  • Graduate Diploma in Sleep Medicine and Masters in Sleep Medicine
    These are offered through Sydney Medical School and the newly developed Discipline of Sleep Medicine at the University of Sydney. Many CIRUS investigators are part of this new discipline at the University of Sydney.
  • Discipline of Sleep Medicine Annual Course for Health Professionals
    This course provides a comprehensive coverage of topics and skills for those wanting to: work in a sleep laboratory, embark on sleep research or for those just wishing to know more about sleep medicine. This practical course in the clinical and technical aspects of sleep science incorporates both lectures and small group tutorials with ample opportunity for hands-on practice, discussion and questions. Please contact for more information.